Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Can't wait to get on the road again?

Karlie has been studying for her permit test for a while now...even reminding me of the travel laws while I drive...LOL. She was a nervous wreck about taking the test this morning...but we prayed that God would take the nerves away, and recall the information for her.

So we stopped by the Homeschool attendance office to get the form stating that yes, she is current on her attendance, I grabbed her birth certificate and SS number and off we went. 

While she was taking the test, I was sitting with Shek and Jolie, when all of the sudden she came to my seat and said I passed! YAH! HALLELUJAH and Praise the LORD!

I knew I couldn't get away with whipping out the big camera, so I sneakily took a few photos with my phone...

Karlie waiting to get her permit.
Karlie is doing the happy dance...
I got her to pose one last time outside of the DMV..

She was on cloud nine when I dropped her off at a swimming party. Now that she has the permit, I know she can't wait to get on the road....


  1. May our Heavenly Father surround her with a band of angels just for her protection as she begins her driving career, and give her wise judgment, excellent vision and special awareness of the laws governing life and how precious each life is.
    Marty Connerly

  2. AWESOME! And this just means Sandi will definitely be pestering me next week (like you promised mama!) about getting hers. :) Look out world!


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