Friday, June 3, 2011

Friends are friends forever

Do you remember that song "Friends are Friends forever if the Lord is the Lord of them"... I remember singing that song at High School Graduation....Well, that song comes back to me now, as one of my friends is moving far far away.

Today, Joni, Lorene, and I met for lunch at Mellow Mushroom for one last visit before Lorene and her family moves next month. We all became friends through the Home of Fine Arts Program. Joni is the Boss of HOME and all of our kids have enjoyed taking fine arts classes offered through this home education program over the years.
Aww..three women in a row...we should have done the Charlie's Angels Pose!

Lorene is a super mom! She is the mom of 4, army  wife, and is currently working on her dissertation! Soon she will be Dr. Lorene!  Lorene, has been a wonderful friend to me, praying for us through our adoption, welcoming us home at the airport, and answering all kinds of questions and concerns about Cleft lip/palate. She and her husband have adopted from China and it's always nice to have a friend to call on who has Been There Done That.

Check out my eyeballs?

Lorene, you and your family will be missed, but we are all thankful for technology so that we can keep in touch!
Now I will go in my corner and sing Friends are Friends Forever....


  1. came by to tell you how young you look!
    enjoy your updates on FB and all your pics and stories here


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