Monday, June 20, 2011


I've always thought I was a HIP mom, but now I have proof...because my hubby gave me one of their beautiful necklaces for our anniversary. We checked our mail on Friday afternoon on the way to see the evening concerts at Atlanta Fest and there was a box for me. And the return address was from Hip Mom Jewelry .  I was very excited!! When I opened the box...I photographed the upwrap...It was wrapped in the shipping box so nicely.

It was wrapped in brown and white tissue!

A pink box was inside with a hip mom label and card!
Can't wait to see the inside!
A little brown felt felt bag....
With the layered necklace that I have wanted for a long time....The circle has my hubby's and my names, the square has all 4 kids' names....isn't it lovely?
Now am I hip or what?


  1. Very hip and I LOVE the necklace!I LOVE it!!!!!

  2. Totally hip. I adore that necklace. I wonder if they make it in gold..... hmm. Maybe one day!


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