Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~ Zach

Sunday Snapshot

Today, my Sunday Snapshot is about our my oldest, Zach. He likes to punch his siblings' buttons and tell them that he is the favorite....but we all know that momma loves all her children the same amount.
Zach, Karlie, and Shek...just a couple of years ago or so it seems!
Here's Zach!  When I was pregnant with him, I prayed he would be a leader among his peers, that he would love, follow, and serve the Lord with all His heart from an early age, and that he would not be shy like his momma. And God answered my prayers.

He's a great son!
Brotherly love!
He's a fun big brother...even though he likes to give the sibs a hard time from time to time!

God  has blessed Zach with several godly friends. He is pictured here with Spenser. They have been best of friends since forever. 
Zach asked for his first guitar when he was in Kindergarten. He then found his Uncle's really nice Gretsch stored in his grandparents' barn...he has been pickin' and singin' ever since...
Zach and friends jam!
Zach performed at Atlanta Fest Talent Competition last June. He is performing again with some friends at the 2011 Atlanta Fest Competition on Friday. So if you're in the area...check them out!

So check out Zach playing Time of your life with a group from his college. 

Zach, We love you! Keep seeking Him!

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Sunday Snapshot

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  1. How sweet! Love seeing a momma's heart towards her babies!


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