Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve!

It's Christmas Eve! I wish we could bottle that Christmas Eve anticipation that comes around every year at this time. It washes away all of the stress and any bah hum bug feelings that could have come in to take that Christmas Joy away.

This morning, there's still lots to do, like pick up the house after the invasion of the wrapped gifts have landed under the tree...there's food to get ready...movies to watch...Christmas blogs to Jolie wants to read books. The same one over and over again. I told her there's a whole stack of Christmas books can't we read another one in the stack.

Karl read to her too saying that he reads better than momma...Shek chimed in and said, that's because you have all the voices!

 Karl is reading Piper's Night Before Christmas ...Today was the first time she heard this story out of the Christmas book stack. She has a few favorites including The Grinch! She also really likes the illustrated version of Mary Did you Know. She likes to sing along as we read/sing that one. I told her that Mark Lowry wrote both Piper's Night before Christmas and Mary Did you know? 
 Jolie's 1st Christmas 2011...this time last year in China, she was not singing Jesus Loves Me or Mary Did You Know?
Dad is a good reader with all his special voices and sound effects.

Daddy said, Let's go to the store on Christmas eve?!?!...Jolie knew she could get some M&M's so she dressed up in her Christmas outfit complete with hat...isn't she cute? 
A quick pose with Dad before heading to the store.
May you have the gift of faith,
the blessing of hope
the peace of His love
at Christmas and always!
Merry Christmas, Y'all!
From the BERRY house to yours!
I am linking up with Linny for a Christmas visit today. Be sure to visit Linny's Blog, A Place Called Simplicity and visit with everyone.

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