Wednesday, December 14, 2011

School is DONE for 2011!

School is done for 2011! Shek and I completed studying Ireland this week, and Karlie put the finishing touches on her Science project today! Concerts and recitals were finished last week ...midterms and school parties done earlier this say I am excited, is an understatement. I love being able to teach my kiddos at home with a few "out" classes, but WE so needed a break. AND now we are done.  Zach has even reported that he has all his grades back  except for one class. So far he has all A's YIPPEE!

Karlie spins a Benham Disk  as a part of her Science project for Shek. The black and white disk appears to change colors when spinning. They look so thrilled in the photo, don't they?

TO celebrate Z's good grades and a semester complete, we will be going to see the lights at Callaway Gardens tomorrow This is my oldest child's favorite thing to do each year...and the rest of us love it too. We don't always go each year because it's very pricey, but it's a tradition we do love. This year, HONEY is giving this trip to the whole family for our Christmas gift. She is looking forward to going as she has not been since Zach was a baby....19 years ago! WOW! I hope my camera will take some good photos of the lights. We are riding the trolley so I am praying for mild winter weather with no rain snow or sleet. LOL

Now, that school is officially over until next year....I'm going to relax, find some Christmas movies, books and enjoy...then later this week..I think I will  hit the heavy cleaning! LOL

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  1. Congrats and ENJOY your holiday. Merry Christmas sweet friend!!! Blessings and love!


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