Wednesday, August 1, 2012

As for me and my house...

My family and I live in the Chick fil a capitol of the world. There's a Chick-fil-a or a a Truett's Grill on just about every corner. AND we usually eat there several times a week, some weeks more than others, but it is a frequent stop for us. AS for as fast food goes, chick fil a has it wrapped up with a bow...and it's always, always their pleasure to serve.

 Today, being the chick fil a appreciation day we knew we'd be having some lunch at our favorite place. Knowing there would be crowds we went  a little after the lunch time but not much, and drove right in, it was crowded as usual, but not overwhelmingly so, but by the time we were done, it was. It was a good kind of cra2y.

I am participating in Ann VosKamp's Joy the challenge was to find 3 gifts of white. SO my three gifts in white was my chick fil a lunch combo...all packaged in white.
Because we had to pull up and wait about 5mins for Karlie's  chicken strips, they gave us a coupon for the wait..this is just another 'gift' in white...for the day. a nice little bonus...and it was 'their pleasure.'

So as for me and my house, we are gonna eat chickn' at Chick fil a...
Are we haters! 
NOPE, we're just gonna 

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