Sunday, May 22, 2011

SUNDAYsnapshot...doing the happy dance

Jolie had her   LOOOOOOOOOOOONG appointment with the Cleft team this week. The doc wants to proceed with the surgery to repair her open palette as soon as possible. So probably July she'll have that surgery done after she has an ent appointment and a dental retainer made to aid in healing after the surgery.

Daddio says we need a beach trip before the big surgery!

WE are all doing the happy dance about a beach trip. We have not been to the beach in 4 years...and I'm pretty sure Jolie has never been.

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Beach trips are GREAT news! I'd do the happy dance too! Have fun.

  2. yay for the beach! I can't wait to go this year & take my 2 year old :)

    love the instagram app, too!

  3. Fun! We're taking Saidie this June for her first beach trip, too! Wouldn't it be funny to run into each other?!


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