Monday, May 9, 2011

Field Trip

Today, we went on a field trip to The World of Coca~Cola! We had planned to go during Spring break, but on the day we had planned I woke up with a wicked virus...and we had to put off our plans to go. SO...we completed our school work for today over the weekend and made plans to attend today. I thought a Monday would be a great day to go....BUT there were several school bus loads of field trippers there too. UGH....but once we got through security the crowds died down somewhat ...especially after lunch. AND did you know if you have a stroller or a wheel chair you get ushered to the front and get to go in glad we had Jolie in the stroller.

Coke is 125 years old!
Shek standing with Atlanta behind him.

Gam and Pop went with us for our first field trip of the school year.
Shek is always ready to pose for me. We didn't understand what the big lips were on the building, but we soon found out that they are "new coke characters"...
Pop poses in front of the decorated coke bottles...we especially liked the China one for Jolie!
Everyone in the family had a camera!

 Shek and Jolie pose with the coke polar bear....Jolie kept calling him Emmie (Emmie is our 8lb shihtzu)!

She wanted a stuffed coke bear when we got to the gift shop and she got one. She tolerated this stuffed movable creature pretty well....but
this character...she wanted nothing to do with....when my 18 year old got there...he said it looked scary to him too! None of my children have ever really liked the life-size animated creatures except Mickey...
Here we are at the Soda fountain...we actually all agreed that we liked the Old World of Coke better, but this one was nice too...

Stirring up the secret formula!
 Lots of colorful art work at The World Coke!
 Shek by the fancy cokes
 Pop with Shek and Jolie
 Checking out the sights with pop.
Gam and Karlie sit waiting for Zach to arrive. Zach finished his exam early this morning and called to say he would be joining us waited for him to arrive.
My 4 kids pose today at The World of COKE...they wouldn't pose on Mother's Day!

momma and her kiddos....Daddio was at work!

 Zach joined in at the soda fountain.
The COKE couch used on American Idol in 2005 (carrie underwood might have sat here).

You have to be fast to catch jolie looking at the camera.

 a different kind of "Red Couch Photo"
 Pretty girl....I dressed her in Red and white on purpose!
Zach in his 4-d glasses....Jolie and I had to sneak out early on the 4-d was rather scary for a little one...and apparently for a 9 year old too...He was telling Zach, "Get me outta here!"

Walking with POP

 That new Coke Character that Jolie did NOT like.
 Coke truck from Argentina
 Coke sign that was by the Coke truck...
Tasting Coke products from around the world!

 We tried the drinks from Asia....We loved the watermelon from China.
 We liked several from the Asia station...we didn't see these in China we always bought COKE.
 After trying all the many flavors from around the just have to go cleanse your palette with the real thing!
 Here's Karlie with her favorite~ watermelon flavored drink...Her expression makes you think she had too much of it...but she was really wanting to save the rest for later...which they will not let you do.
At the end of the get your own Coke bottle with the 125 year emblem on it. Then it's off to the gift shop!
We ended our day with a late lunch at The Varsity! 
It was a great day for a field trip with the family....Karl has got to go with us next time!

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  1. Awesome! I heard when they moved the prices increased a good bit. It's been so long since we've gone though, it is time to do it again!


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