Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Standing in the need of Prayer II

On Sunday, I posted a quick prayers needed post and linked it up on  Stefanie's Sunday Snapshot. I knew more folks would see it and more prayers would be lifted up. Thanks y'all for praying.

Do you ever find yourself in need of prayer? I know I do...and sometimes praying comes easy and sometimes...well,  I just tell God that I just don't know how to pray. Praise The Lord ...He takes care of me and mine in spite of all my inadequateness.

Growing up, my mom was a phone prayer warrior with a few church ladies that went to our church and other churches in the community. She's still a prayer warrior and will pray over the phone, but her praying buddies either live far way now or have moved on to heaven. Ms. Jeannine was one of those praying ladies...if you needed prayer you'd be sure to let her know.

Now a days, if I need prayer there's a few folks I tell first, my hubby of course and then my mom, and Debbie always gets a text. I also email a few friends too. My oldest son's best friend, Spenser, has some prayer warrior parents too...and I've been known to let them know of a few requests along the way. There's just something about having folks pray for you...and I mean really pray..there's certain people I want praying for me...and that's the people who believe and have faith and really pray. The people I have mentioned are those kind of pray--"ers"!

If I knew how to link up and have folks link up here for prayer...I would...but have not gotten fancy enough with my blog know-how to figure that one out yet....I can link up to others, but I don't know how to "host" a link-up....

I don't know how many people really read my blog outside of a few bloggy friends and family...but if you have a prayer request leave me a comment and I'll pray over it and hopefully other bloggy friends will too....

‎"You do not have a problem that surprises God. God has a plan for you and you're going to make it!"~Joyce Meyer


  1. My husband and I (and our three littles) just started our journey to adopt from China through the SN program. We are super duper excited! The whole process is a head of us and if you would pray that we have smooth journey...even smoothish would be great. ;) We don't have the "funds" for the adoption so we'll be raising money to help. We're in need of prayer there as well. :) Boy oh boy, I'm soundin' needy. :) Thank you so much! I've enjoyed following your family and your journey to Jolie!
    I'll come back and pray over other comments as well. Have a blessed day!

  2. Please pray for a friend, Amy L. She is 3.5 months pregnant and was found last week to have stage 4 adenocarcinoma in her colon, and on her spine and rib. We are already claiming the restoration and healing that God is doing in her body!

  3. Jennifer! So excited about your journey. I pray that God will make all the rough places plain and that you will be amazed at how He provides every step of the way. You will see and testify of His miracles and provisions! In Jesus' Name!


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