Saturday, August 7, 2010

sunday snapshot: Today is my Pop's birthday.

Ni Hao Y'all

Today is Pop's birthday. He is almost exactly 50 years older than my oldest boy I can remember his age with no problem. Zach will be 18 in September so I know that today Pop is 68.

 Pop and Gam at the Varsity in Atlanta...enjoying a frosted orange and onion rings.
                                   Pop and Gam  with Shek at the train museum last summer.
 Pop and Gam with Karlie at Olive Garden.

                                  Pop with Shek at the train museum.
                                   This was Christmas 2008 we had gone to Callaway Gardens for the
                                    Christmas lights, but first ate at the Bulluch House. We have got to go
                                    back again this year.
                                Pop and Shek by an old tractor in Blue Ridge GA. This is in front of
                                 the "country store"...they have really good fudge there and lots of cowboy
Here's Pop modeling one of those hats!
Pop and Gam with Shek at the RA Derby race at church. They helped him with his derby car.
The whole crew.

                              Pop is a great dad, and granddad and hubby to my momma. He's a great Mr. Fix-it. He's a          
                              wonderful godly role model to family and friends. Happy 68th Birthday Pop. Let's eat some catfish and cake.


  1. Happy Birthday Pop! I am betting it was a good one, sounds like you have LOTS of folks who love you :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your Pop!!

    He looks like a guys who really enjoys life! :)


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