Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Snapshot: How to spend a Saturday? Organizing or Boating? Hmmmm

We had been planning to clean out closets and organize, but then the kids said can we go to the lake. So we thought do we clean out and organize or go to the lake? Hmmmm, Daddy's arm didn't have to be twisted to say let's go. So off we went!
The water was pretty, the lake was not TOO crowded and the water refreshing. We had been in the lake for less than an hour when it started to sprinkle rain drops. Then the rain got heavier...then we heard thunder and saw several lightening strikes. It amazed us at how quickly the weather changed from bright HOT and sunny to thunder storm! We quickly made it back to the ramp...we don't flirt with thunderstorms in a lake.

We came home and decided to go out to eat. The boys wanted Japanese. Karlie doesn't like Japanese because the Hibachi Chef always seems to pick on when he came out she said I need to run to the restroom...
Zach and Karlie at the Japanese restaurant, she is quite nervous...this is before she came up with the plan to exit to the restroom while the chef cooked our food...
                                                   Here's all three of my babies...aren't they precious?
                              I was a little nervous too....I didn't want to catch food in mid-air either, but the cook made Zach try it and he missed everytime...I should have taken his photo while trying to catch food with his mouth wide open, but I didn't...

We came home and Zach made a video for the local Christian Radio station's contest. You'll have to check out his entry. The  more views he gets the better.

On the adoption front, we have everything complete except for the CIS approval. I have spoken with the Hague representative in charge of our case,( he is the nicest and is a very helpful agent)...He said he has everything except for one set of our fingerprints to clear.I explained that the one missing was my grandmother's and her prints did not take the first time He said that sometimes this happens with the elderly. She goes back on Tuesday for her second appointment...please pray her prints "take" this time.

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. I would have chosen the sunshine,too!
    I'll click over and check out Zach's video. Fun!! trina

  2. I'd choose the lake too! Looks like a great time - thanks for sharing!


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