Thursday, July 29, 2010

I used to be creative teacher...

One year I taught a high school American History Unit included lots of subjects...History, Literature, Government, Speech...could have been more. It was a couple of years ago. I used to have these really creative ideas...when you have a class full you can really branch out and do some fun hands on things. We had a Civil War Ball at Christmas time that year. It was actually "hot" enough outside that we moved our dancing to the driveway for more room...We had a delivery that day from UPS and he said he had never been "back in time" to the Civil War on a delivery run I guess we looked authentic enough, but I am sure, to the "real" Civil War folks we weren't quite as up to snuff as they are, but hey! we had lots of fun!
                                Here are my students dancing on the very warm December day.
                                 Even with all the living room furniture removed, dancing in the house with hoop skirts was a tight it was wonderful that the temperatures were HOT so that we could go outside.
                                            Here's me and my boy. Aren't we precious?
Here's a group shot of a few of the students...Several folks from the community wondered what was going on at our house when they saw the confederate flag flying! LOL

This is Cassidy and her mom and sis. They do the "real" dressing up and the "real" dance she taught us all about it...Great grade she received for her willingness to teach us how.

                                            Zach thought that adding his brother's wooden sword would "make" his outfit!
                                                Zach with his friend Tyler, there's always some time for fun...Can you believe these 2 friends have graduated High School are off to college in just a few weeks?
                                We had lots of fun that day. I hope to teach a hands on class like this when Karlie gets to 11th grade. She's doing 8th grade American History now...we are doing some fun stuff; we are using several high school level lapbooks from hands of a child. for American History. But we need a crowd of home educated folks to pull off something like a civil war ball! I miss teaching the "Big Kids" I mean high schoolers! Many of these photos were taken by one of my student's parents .

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