Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Snapshot: Field TRIP!!!

Ni Hao Y'all

 We started school last Monday. The kids were not thrilled about starting back, while all their friends have 2 more weeks of summer. We had a good first week and since Dad was off this past Friday, he suggested a field trip...we rarely take field trips so we all jumped at the chance. We enjoyed some time in Chattanooga TN. We had so much fun that we kept thinking that Friday was Saturday and that the next day would be church!  It was great realizing that we had a whole extra day of weekend!
                                                      We ate ribs at Sticky Fingers! YUM!

We were all full, but Karlie had noticed the cupcake shop and had to try one...So the kids split a chocolate overload cupcake and Mom and Dad had a Key LIME cupcake...Awesome!!
                              We then walked to the river and the kids waded in the water near the aquarium.

                                                     Karlie enjoyed the cool water on her feet too.

                                                             Karl and the kiddos.

                                      Shek loved these waterfall stairs near the waterfront. A great way to cool off on a   day when the temps were in the three digits! Chattanooga TN...a great field trip...Can we go again?


  1. Wow - I was feeling BAD about school starting - but I think the ribs eased the pain ;) And the key lime cupcake?? I'D go back to school for that!!

  2. Those Key lime cupcakes are awesome...I found a recipe I hope mine will turn out that good!

  3. I love "special" cupcakes...and the key lime looks yummy!

  4. I love field trips! Looks like everyone had fun!


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