Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back to school..SN checklist...and so on!

Here's a photo of my kids at the Vicksburg Battlefields Memorial...I lived in Mississippi till I was 22 years old and I don't think I had ever visited this very historical-educational place. Karl, on the other hand, had been many times on school field trips...I was in elementary school in Natchez...I never remember having a field trip...ever! It was very hot when we went through Vicksburg...on our way to my cousin's wedding in LA...Karl and I knew it was now or never so we stopped and checked the place out...Shek loved it...Zach was "whatever"...and Karlie she could have done without it...but's history!

School started this Monday for us. Karlie stretched out in the floor and cried because she DID NOT want to start back already. It's not been so bad...we are easing back in to the flow. We did not want to say goodbye to summer.

On the adoption front, we have been fingerprinted for our CIS approval...although Honey received a notice that her fingerprints did not take and we have to go back at 8am on August 2 (this is the very first day of school for Karlie at NCC)...

The Adoption agency had us fill out a SN checklist so that we could possibly be matched with a child on the last shared list. Nothing happened...I have been looking on the Yahoo groups page at different children waiting for mommas and poppas...

I am so ready to be done with the adoption paperwork...I am tired of the hoops..but I know My God has a plan and it's not for calamity...Jer.29:11-14...I know that all things work together for good ...Romans 8:28...I know God has something good up His sleeve...He has never failed me yet...He is blessing us 'a comin' and a goin'!


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