Thursday, July 8, 2010

Walking Buddies

Walking Buddies! Everyone needs a walking buddy. My friend Melissa and I have been walking together at least 4 times a week for over a year and a half. We are exercising accountability partners. In the photo above I look goofy with my eyes  shut, but that's the only photo I have of just us. This photo was taken during a Youth Choir Mission Trip last Summer 2009. We were in Chicago...and when this was taken we were probably super tired...we didn't have to schedule walking on this trip because we walked everywhere...and that was an added bonus.

 Walking is good for you. When you walk with a friend you get to talk and share and the "exercising" part is just icing on the cake. Walking is good for the body and soul.

We also have another friend,Carrie Ann, who we walk with when her schedule permits. Last year, I even did the Peachtree with her. Didn't do it this year...bummer... and this year the t-shirt was cuter than last years...LOL Here's a photo of us before receiving our peachtree shirts
July 4, 2009!

Here's a photo of Kim and me. She is the one who got me started walking and dare I say jogging a little several years ago. She works your hiney off if when you walk with her. I miss walking with KIM! She's like a trainer...LOL

It's great having walking buddies. Currently, we are waking up early and are outside walking over 4 miles at 5:30am. Now, that's dedication. So if you don't have an exercising accountability partner...get one...You don't have to look far, just snag your best friends!
                                       Me and my bffs: CarrieAnn, and Melissa at a Christmas Tea

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