Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My Karlie will be 15 years old this year! WOW! Where has the time gone? For this baby girl, I prayed that she would be sweet, beautiful and that she would never have an overweight issue like her mom. HAHA ...God heard me..She is all those things as well as being quite petite. So petite that as a child the doctors had her go through every test known to man to see why she was not growing as they so desired. After all tests came back as normal...and after GOD reassured me during my worries...with the scripture verse, "Martha, Martha, the Lord answered," you are worried about many things, but only one thing is needed." Luke 10:41 When God calls your name when you're begging for assurance it kind of gets your attention...It got mine and I stopped my worrying!
                                      Zach and Karile...She was smaller than a cabbage patch doll and she wore preemie clothes for a long time. In this photo Zach is age 3...He was off the growth chart on the top in and she was under the growth chart!

                                                     Karlie and Karl at Acteens Recognition Service 2010
                                                   Zach age 17; Karlie age 14; and Shek age 8
                                                           Easter Sunday morning 2010

                                     Karlie loves flashy colors and clothes...This is her new zebra room with hot pink furniture and lime green walls.

                                 A photo of Karlie after her first day at NCCA~~an accredited school for home- educated  students. She is taking Earth Science and 8th Grade American History there. She is super excited.

Karlie is a beautiful girl. She is a  peacemaker, she hates strife, she is tender hearted, quite, funny and spunky! She loves the Lord, friends and family. I love my Karlie girl. I am so glad God blessed me with her!

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