Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The name is Shek not Shrek, Chief, Chet, Sheck, or Shiek! It's only 4 letters and really should not be all that difficult to pronounce, but since it's different people call my baby boy everything...he just grins and takes it and then rolls his eyes when no one is looking. He was named after Karl's grandaddy Shelby better known as "Shek". We thought  it was a cute and "hip" name so we thought why not?

We wanted his name to have a good meaning since the other children's names have good meanings...and we take that name meaning business seriously...so one day while standing in the middle of the Christian book store I found a baby name book...I looked up Shek, it was not there, but Shekinah was. Hmmm, I thought to my then pregnant self...Shekinah means dwelling place of God...as in Shekinah glory. Cool, we'll name him Shek after his great grand dad, and his name is a derivative of Shekinah. That works...then within a few months, the movie SHREK comes out. A movie about an ogre. WHAT? We said to ourselves...well, this movie will come and go and everyone will forget about it and they won't call our boy Shrek instead of Shek...they will get it. I think we are up to move 3 or 4 of Shrek now! LOL After a while I just bought Shek a Shrek cap, it was green and had little horns and a Shrek face...if you can't beat um join um and our first year of homeschooling Zach and Karlie both had a Shrek lunch box. At baby dedication, the pastor mentioned to the whole congregation, I bet you are wondering why they named their baby after an ogre! HA...then he went on to explain the "Biblical meaning" behind his name.. My  Shek has been called a lot of 'names' ...but mostly people are getting it right these days...
Here's my boy with his Pirate look...we had just eaten at the Pirate House in Savannah and this was part of the kids's menu-- a take home pirate look!
Shek likes boats, cars, firetrucks, airplanes...etc. He knows all the firetrucks in our area by their number and which firehouse they belong too...pretty impressive. He loves Nascar and Jeff Gordon. We have never really been into Nascar, but this child is paving the way for it. He has a Jeff Gordon room, complete with a Jeff Gordon life size stand up poster. I am glad that Jeff Gordon is a Christian racer and good role model. He and his dad went to their first nascar race last year...

Shek loves his brother and sister. They get a long most of the time, but sometimes things can get hairy.

                                               Shek talks to his best friend on the phone daily.
                                           Shek loves to ride his bike and loves making wheelies!
SHEK..my third born..all boy child...remember you pronounce that SH like SHHH(like the librarian says to make you hush); e Like Eh and K like kkkkk (cat)...it's easy! 

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