Thursday, July 22, 2010

Zach~~Musical Summer

It's been a busy year for Zach gearing up for his cd release and AtlantaFest.
Zach had a pre-cd release at JourneyPointe Church, where he helps lead worship on Sundays, and the big cd release at Southern Crescent where he led youth worship on Wednesdays. Many of his Salem friends made it to the pre-cd release at JourneyPointe and a few made it to the SCBC release. All in all it was a fantastic experience.
Here's Zach with the Band and some Salem youth that he grew up with at Salem Baptist Church. He said it meant a lot to him that all his old church friends came out to support him at the pre-cd release!

The guys performed well at AtlantaFest. I thought it was the best performance yet...yeah yeah, I know I am his momma, but I know what I am talking about too. LOL

Here's Zach singin' and sweatin' at the CD release party on June 4th.

Here is the guys singing Sparrow at AtlantaFest!

There's my boy...Praisin' and lovin' the Lord!

This summer he even sold his beloved old 1960 truck that we've had since he was in 1st that he could buy a band trailer. This is the truck that he worked/bartered for 2 summers cutting grass for a mechanic so that he could get the transmission and stuff worked on...he did all this before he was really old enough for even his driver's permit...The truck has been a "hobby" truck not really realistic to drive all over atlanta in, but a precious truck indeed. So with heavy heart and misty eyes, he cleaned her up shined her white wall tires, that he saved and paid for, along with the new mirrors, and the headliner and drove her to the road...she sold in a matter of a few days...and he was able to buy a new trailer...

                                                                     Zach's old truck!

                                                                    Zach's new trailer!

There's my oldest boy...about to start Atlanta Christian College in the fall majoring in Music/ Worship Leading. He and his band have a trailer and will travel...Check them out. Zach's Band

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