Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sing it!

Yesterday we headed to Nashville to see Zach perform his junior recital. As always I took lots of photos, and Shek was in charge of the video. It was a fun but long day. We made the trip to Nashville and back all in one day. Whew...that was a fast trip.
Jolie was excited to get her Zach back.
After lunch we all headed to Belmont and waited while Zach had a sound check.
 We always have fun...even when we are waiting around.
 Gam and Pop with 3 out of 4 grands...I think Jolie was looking at the flowers.
The landscape and fountains at Belmont are always so lovely...it's a great place to take photos.
Now on to business: Sound Check!
Zach's recital program

Zach loves his Vocal Coach/mentor, Bruce Bennett. 

A video from the recital, Zach sings Gravity.

Zach, we are all so proud of you....keep on! 
To God be the Glory!
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