Sunday, July 28, 2013

A day at the Collection

It was time for another fashion show at the collection. This time it was a back to school theme. Lots of entertainment, and activities were happening on Saturday.

 We arrived at noon for the fashion show run through. Karlie retrieved her items that she was to model, we grabbed lunch, ran into another adoption mom at the cross walk. It was a very busy fun day. Here's some photos of the day. Karlie had a great time modeling with her pure fashion friends.
Modeling for Peach mac..
I did not know the apple store had so many accessories.

Ten thousand villages...

Jolie loved getting her face painted.
She decided on an owl when the girl ahead of her got one.

Modeling for the Universities...Karlie wore Georgia Tech, but she was thinking War Eagle the whole time.

It was a fun day for the whole family at a very cool shopping center.

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