Sunday, July 7, 2013

a pool in my yard

 Last week, Jolie went swimming in a hotel pool for just a little while. When Dad told her it was time to get out, because we needed to head home...she cried and cried. She said, "Mom, I wasn't done yet."

 She begged on the way home that she wanted a pool in her yard. Dad said, "One day we will." As we drove down the road, she said, "No, I want one now, can't we get one from Dollar General?"
We then realized that she was asking for a wading pool, like the one she had noticed at Dollar General. We said, now that we can do. On Friday, in a rain storm,  Dad hopped out at Walmart to get her one while we waited in the car. He said, pink or blue. She said, Blue. He was glad he asked because he was about to get the pink one. I figured she would request blue, because Cinderella's signature color is blue.
It's not raining...can I get in my pool?
She was very happy with her wading pool.
 She soaked up the few minutes of sunshine that we had on Saturday...and even walked away with a tan line. Her momma always walks away PINK and freckled. Although, Jolie has one freckle on her leg that she is most proud of, and shows her one freckle to everyone and says, "I have a freckle just like mom!" She has one, I have a zillion.
 I am so happy she's happy splashing in her pool.
 Bring on the sun...
and let's catch some rays...and maybe a freckle or two.

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