Sunday, July 7, 2013

a Wet 4th of July Week

It was a wet 4th Of July Week...and although the rain changed some of our plans it didn't dampen our spirits. When it wasn't pouring rain, the guys played some baseball and football in the yard.

 They look like they are hunting for easter eggs here, but the ball went into the tall grass, and they are on the search.
 Play ball

 Karl searches for the ball too...
 Playing ball in the wet grass's fun.
 Shek pitches
 We girls watch, play with the cat and take photos.
 Jolie photo bombs...
More ball hitting action.
On the evening of the 4th, the rain eased up a little for a nice day at the ball park. The guys enjoyed a Braves game.
Some days, when it's raining so very much....just go to the movies. Your choice of movies might be sold out and force you to go to the 3D version of it. My crew saw the 3d Version of Monsters University.
A 4th of July weekend is not complete without some bbq at least once or twice.  Zach was home with one of his roommates, Eric. We wanted tovisit a fun bbq place in the area so we drove up to Fox Bros. BBQ. We even sat on the patio for a while till it started raining more than a mist. The waiters  and waitresses ushered us in and found us a table inside. 
That was the end of the 4th weekend...a little damp but still fun.

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