Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The happy place

The lake really is our happy place. Usually by this time of the summer we have been to the lake numerous times. BUT this year, there's been a lot of rain. Like Rain Rain Rain and more Rain. And we also had some boat battery issues as well.

In fact, last Saturday, the kids had found their swimming suits and packed snacks and waters in the cooler, grabbed a change of clothes and even Jolie was running around the yard in her life jacket. She was past ready to go. The frowny face in the left side of the photo was taken when she thought we weren't going to get to go. But Dad just went and bought a new battery. The second photo shows her in the lake hanging on to daddy. The lake cures what ails ya.

Shek likes to ride up front  with me. He especially likes it when a wave hits just right and splashes me in the face. I think Dad does that on purpose...
Karlie says when are we going back. Summer has gone by to fast.

The lake is our family's happy place....

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