Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Say Cheese before you hear the BOOM!

We took a quick trip to Nashville again on Sunday.  The occasion? Zach and his band were playing in a pre-4th of July celebration. So we went. We love a road trip, and Jolie heard that she could swim at some point while we were gone so everyone was excited.

Fun in the pool...

When it was time to leave the pool, she cried and cried, telling her dad that she was not done yet. AND all the way home she said she  wanted a pool at her house. Dad told her, "one day." Then she asked could we get one at the Dollar General. That's when we realized she was ok with a wading pool for now. So, he said we could do that for sure and soon. 

This photo was taken just before we left to come home. Zach had a few minutes to visit before heading to his class. See the worry in my eyes? See that workman in the background? There were two in front of us, waiting for the photo to be snapped so that they could tell us that they were about to blow something up and to go to safer ground? HUH?
I knew they were doing some construction on the campus but blowing up things, I didn't realize. So we went inside the building and would you believe in just a few mins. a loud boom was heard. Ok, then!? Apparently they sound a siren, then a few mins. BOOM. 
That was an exciting way to get a family photo taken...say cheese, no take cover, no, how about smile and BOOM.
* I will do a separate post of the band pics. Shek and I both were equipped with a camera and an iphone each....so I have plenty of pics to download.

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