Friday, June 28, 2013

Surgery on the horizon??

Yesterday, Jolie had to have her big speech eval at CHOA. Her regular speech teacher suggested that since she is having more nasal grimacing for certain speech sounds. She also has good pressure if she hold hers nose for some sounds. She thought we should get it checked out for sure. So we did.

She did awesome at the appointment. Even when she had to have an X-ray. I smiled at her through the window and she was perfectly still, although I could see the fear in her eyes, she still did great.

She retrieved her green bracelet out of the prize drawer and skipped out the door singing "I love Dr. Riski." She has come such a LOooooooooooooooooNG way with her trust of doctors. She used to scream through out a doctor's appointment, but finally they have all gained her trust and she's happy to go. Praise the Lord. She had her eye on some "Rapunzel hair" at the store, and had been begging for it since she discovered it's existence. I told her since she did so wonderfully at the doctor that we would get that for her on the way home.

A happy girl with her Rapunzel hair.

Modeling that Rapunzel hair.

 Looks like we will be going back for an endoscopy in about 2 weeks. The Doc wanted to have all his "homework" done before deciding on an additional surgery to pull tissue in the soft palate area so that it will make speech more natural for her. My speech therapist says that children that have to have this procedure are usually making the correct speech sounds within 3 weeks of this surgery.

Our next appointment is at DARK thirty before 8am. I opted for the early one, because I know I can beat that crazy rush hour traffic, and then it'll be over when we go back home. SO it's worth it to just get up with the chickens,cow, or whoever is up at that time.

It looks like another possible surgery is on the horizon for Jolie. Prayers appreciated.

Today, I am participating in Long Road to China favorite photo Friday.
*Photos by did I ever document our lives before iphone camera and instagram? 

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  1. You know Z had the surgery for the nasality and yes, within 3 weeks the nasality was almost gone! :) Love Dr. R. Please tell him hello when you see him.

    1. I will tell Dr.R you said hello, we will be back in the office next week.


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