Friday, June 21, 2013

Can I get a Whoop whoop??

We took our time with the Driver's License thing. Karlie has had her permit for over a year, in fact it was about to expire next month. We made the appointment for the driver's road test. Practiced that crazy parallel parking. I've been driving for XX years and I avoid the parallel parking at all costs, and so do most people I know, but  parallel parking along with algebra and higher math is one of the necessary evils that we earthlings must deal with. So we practiced it over and over.

 Karlie had two Sparks and Oasis prior to the test. She wanted that extra mental focus and her nerves calm all at the same time. AND good news she PASSED. I felt like we spent the entire afternoon at the DDS...but overall it was a nice process with very helpful and friendly workers.. Karlie especially liked her examiner, she was easy going, nice and friendly.

  Driving tests can be nerve racking for the student driver as well as the mom.WE praise the Lord for His favor and thank everyone for the prayers.  The family celebrated with an dinner out~~ her choice. She chose olive garden. Excitement is an understatement that this rite of passage is over, DONE, complete! Can I get a whoop whoop??

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  1. How exciting!!! I have two teen drives. Ugh!!!! Like you we put it all off as long as possible. :) Now my 16 year old daughter is saying "Mom, please can I get my permit." :( Love your header photo. It's so cute!

  2. Big Shout Out for Karlie! Congratulations - getting your driver's license is a big deal. No wonder your mom is so proud.

  3. How exciting! I'm not looking forward to that step anytime soon! I've been driven crazy by my first 2 drivers. I'm glad for the long break.


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