Sunday, June 23, 2013

Gettin' out o' dodge....

When I pass by the airport, and we live somewhat near it, I always see the planes flying overhead, and I think I want to go somewhere. I think I have that sense of adventure, wanderlust, journey proud feeling especially this time of year.

I recently heard that because many of our ancestors traveled to America from the old country that they too had that sense of adventure, wanderlust...etc...and it's just passed down through the generations. 

Sometimes you just have to get out of dodge, as the ole saying goes. Today was our day to do just that. We decided on our way to church that we would just head up to the mountains and visit the apple store. So after Sunday School, we slipped out and headed to Merceirs. This is not apple season, but they always have something in season that is fresh and wonderful and the bakery always smells delightful.

I snapped this photo outside of Merceirs. The pond, the's all so peaceful.
Karlie snapped our photo too, at the walking bridge. Would you look at that, color coordinated, not even planned.
The view here is very picturesque.
 Johnny Appleseed? We were not disappointed, we purchased fresh Georgia peaches, Georgia Honey, some sweet white corn, popcorn and some strawberry bread from the bakery.
We drove by Lake Blue Ridge, and wished we had brought the boat. I think the kiddos have been having boat withdrawals. It's time to get it out and go I am thinking.
We rode over to where they are working on the dam. Lots of people fish on that side. 
We sat on the steps, and before long we all had to stick our feet in the water. 
The water was
Ice. Cold. Brrrrr.
Someone really enjoyed splashing in the water. 
We wanted to stop by and get froyo on the way home, but our GPS delivered us at a place that was closed. So, we kept driving and decided to stop at our favorite BBQ place in the mtns. Jolie liked riding the pig.

It was a fun day to just get out of dodge. I can't wait till our next adventure.


  1. How fun!! We are firm believers in adventures are good for your soul:)

    1. Yes they are, Sennie! I think I need one everyday.

  2. :-)

    Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog! When I went to publish it, I accidentally hit "reject", arghhhh!! So sorry about that:)

    I hope you get to go to the lake soon, too!


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