Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Momma's love a Give-a-way

Because it's summer...because summer is fleeting fast...because there's not enough time in the day, I have decided that it's time for a blog give-a-way.

 There's two ways to be a winner:

1. If you've never had Spark before and want to try it, simply comment in the comment section under this blog post. "SAMPLE ME!" and you can either leave your snail mail address for the world to see in the comment section..or email your snail mail address. (this way everyone who comments wins a sample and you get one entry in the big give away....
2. Want more chances to win the box of Spark? share on your blog for one entry, share on  your facebook for one entry.  LIKE my facebook page and you get an additional 2 entries.

So winning is easy...comment, share, and like. ....get busy now. 

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