Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Past take 2

After spending a day dragging up old photos of past Christmases, my mom got into the act and found some to share. As I mentioned yesterday, I couldn't find many of my "shek" in his early years. Doesn't that sound typical of the a third born? I was determined that it wouldn't be that way...he does have a full baby book and there are lots of photos of him...but where? Momma (aka Gam) came to the rescue and scanned some for me.

So here's some more photos of my kiddos when they were younger!
Merry Christmas, again!
I have such sweet children.
Look at those angelic little faces! They'd have to be angelic to put up with a momma that made them dress like this and pose in the front yard for about a half hour till I thought I might have at least one good shot. This was before I owned a digital camera and could see instantly if it was good or not! LOL
I love red especially on the feet of such a sweet yawning babe!

Angel in the preschool Christmas Pageant
Aww, She won't let me dress her like this anymore...she just looked at the photo  today and said just don't tag me on facebook! What?!?! Everyone would agree just how cute this is! LOL So I want tag you on facebook, I'll just post it on my blog!

Dad and Shek!

This should be enlarged and hung up in my room...look at that pretty boy!
This was another photo for the Christmas card....don't know what year for sure. But these are probably those missing years I couldn't find for yesterdays post.

Looking at old Christmas photos kinda gives me a warm fuzzy feeling...How bout you?

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