Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sunday SnapshotMerry Christmas from our house to yours!

Merry Christmas!

Ni Hao Y'all

This year...Christmas started at 7am. Honey drove around from the basement, Gam and Pop had spent the night. Shek passed out the gifts. Karlie had an earache. Karl had to go to the drug store for something to help with that. BUT Everyone had a good time. We had ham, and broccoli rice casserole like Aunt Dianne used to make. Shek got a guitar and his brother has already taught him a chord.  Karlie is enjoying her netbook. And I got some new exercise dvds and a Joyce Meyer book!!! YEAH! These exercise dvds look fun, can't wait to try them out with Melissa this week.

 Here's some photos of the family. Pop was able to do CPR on my camera and it lives again...Praise the Lord. I didn't get any gift unwrapping photos, but I got a few around the tree.
Gam, Karlie and Shek pose while waiting on everyone to get ready for the picture taking frenzy!

The grands with the kiddos.
Pop, Gam, and Honey with Zach, Shek, and Karlie

I was added to the mix...and I had the biggest laugh over this photo...I don't know what me and Zach are doing in this photo...but it's good for a laugh. Karl took several photos...he said y'all can look better than

This one is more like it!
We've added Karl to the photo.
 Here's another one!

Honey and Us!
Apparently, everyone else was looking goofy in the photo, and since Honey and I looked so cute...I cropped us  to share! 
Karl and Zach.

There's me and my sweetie...this is our 21st Christmas together not counting all of the "courting Christmases"

He is wearing his hat because he has been in the garage helping Zach install his new car radio....and it's cold out there.

Here's the Berry crew...minus Jolie.
Christmas Day 2010

Today has been a fun day. The kids are flitting back in forth checking out their Christmas goodies. Gam and Pop have gone back to their house because it has started to sleet and is supposed to "snow" fact many friends in N. Georgia are reporting snow already. Having lived in the deep south all my life I have never ever had a white Christmas. I have had a few flurries on Christmas, but never one like you sing about. Our pastor has been praying for a white Christmas for a long while now...not just a physical White Christmas, but a spiritual one as well. Maybe this year...we will have a white Christmas...where the tree tops glisten.

We have recorded a few Christmas movies over the past 2 days and I know White Christmas is one of them. I think it's time to crank up the DVR and relax and watch a few old Christmas movies.

May your days be Merry and White.
Merry Christmas!

white christmas photos 2010

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  1. Seems like you had a wonderful day!! Beautiful family... and I have ALWAYS had a white Christmas, growing up in Wisconsin. This was my first without any snow, as we just moved to Kansas.

    Merry Christmas!


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