Monday, December 27, 2010

It's TIME!

I love Christmas...I love the decorations...but when Christmas is over....I am ready to get the decor boxed up and put away. With everyone helping yesterday, we had this house FULL of Christmas boxed up and put away. Zach commented that we were putting up Christmas in race car fashion. I just said it's time to put it up and I want it outta here. So everything is up and pretty much back to normal. (Karl still has to remove the window wreaths..but the wreaths are entirely his job.

So now, that Christmas is's time to get back on track. It's TIME to get some extra poundage off! For Christmas, I got some new exercise dvds that I hinted for (Body Gospel) They just look fun! And if exercise looks fun, then that's the kind I need! Am going to get started on that tomorrow with friends. It's good to exercise with friends...cause then you are committed to "finish" the exercise for the day if you have friends standing there doing the exercise with ya!

So, Karl and I decided we are doing the diet plan. THE same plan that Zach and I tried out about 4 years ago and lost weight doing. The plan works...if you do it.

So we start the 3 days of preparation. We've been to Sam's we've bought the salad, the chicken, protein bars and shakes...I'll tell ya what happens after 3 days....Men always get rid of  more weight than women...I know when Zach does the three day prep period...he sheds 10 lbs in three days and then it steadily falls off...I usually only lose 5 to 7 lbs in 3 days...but hey I'll take that!

SO!!!now I leave you to drink WATER!

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