Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Snapshot-- Nashville

After Christmas, Karl said let's go to Nashville. So we got ready packed a bag and hit the road. He had reserved us a room at he opryland hotel.  IT IS AN AMAZING place. I remember Opryland the theme park from my youth...and also, we went there on our honeymoon....but this hotel is something else...I thought I was over my country girl ways...(not really)!  BUT I felt like the Jeffersons ...I felt like we were movin' on up! LOL

The Christmas lights outside were amazing!

I loved the Nativity and the fact that they were playing the Christmas story straight from scripture. The lights in these trees covered every branch...I am glad I don't have the job of stringing and de-stringing these Christmas lights.
On our way to find our room...we passed many little specialty stores. This one had red glittery boots. I really need these for the cow-girl in me! LOL
Karl and Shek pose by the picture on the wall in the room....
Karlie stands by our window...look at the beautiful view we had of the Christmas lights!
Here's the crew on one of the pretty staircases. I am behind the camera as always. I really was on this trip, I promise...there's just no photographic proof! lol

Karlie and I stopped to take a photo inside by some of the decor. 

Across the street from the motel was the Dukes of Hazzard museum. The General was not on the premises, but we photographed what we could...YOU can't pass by a Dukes Museum without going in. 
Here is Shek with Roscoe P. Coltrain's car.
We took Zach by Belmont University to check it out. He loved it.
We found a cupcake place along the way. 
Here's Zach by a fountain at Belmont. He is holding his Belmont folder with school information in it.
He found a hoodie while he was there!
ON our way home we stopped back by Chattanooga. I love Chattanooga. We ate at Sticky Fingers and then  had dessert at Chattanooga Cupcakes. These are some of the best cupcakes around. I had to have the key west flavor again...but couldn't eat it all. Karlie got the huge turtle one, Shek decided on chocolate overload which is what he got the last time we were there, Karl got lemon raspberry....and after hearing me brag on the key lime flavor so much ...Zach got one like mine too.
We had a great time on our mini-trip! Can we go back, especially since the Home School begins again tomorrow?! LOL 

Ni Hao Y'all

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  1. What a wonderful trip! I would love to experience the big city like this some day.... I've been to NYC but we stayed in the less-than-attractive Brooklyn apartment of our oldest son. I also would LOVE to see Christmas lights in a big city! Great photos.


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