Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sweetest Berries in the bowl

We have had a busy weekkk. I think my foot has been on the accelerator and we've just now had time to apply the break...for at least a few minutes anyway.

Life got busy last week, with the AdvoCare 500...lots of corporate events, and just plain ole Advocare fun.

Then after labor day, Karlie and Shek had their very first day of school.

Followed by Jolie's surgery. We had to stay overnight, and she was past ready to come home at breakfast time the following day.

Quote of the week:
"All I do is take medicine." Jolie

 She is recovering nicely and felt good enough today to come see Shek at his practice tennis match in East Point.

And in all of the busy...we have still managed to get most of our school work done.

Karlie is studying To Kill a Mockingbird once again. She read it two years ago before we joined the fun at Konos Academy. I think it's fun to study it again.

Can't wait to see what is next...

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