Thursday, September 19, 2013

September is birthday central

On September 10 2001...this fellow entered the world. Has it really been 12 years already? 
Shek is much loved by his family... can't believe he's grown so much since that baby photo taken the day  before the world changed on 9/11
Shek requested a cookie cake this year. We asked the Kroger bakery if they could put a tennis racket on it. She told us when we picked it up that she was not so sure about it. We thought it looked great, and Shek told her it looked awesome. I was very proud that he told her his appreciation and complimented her work.
We started some crazy tradition starting with Zach, that in the 6th grade you get a cell phone for your birthday. Shek was more than ready for his cell phone and would not let us forget it was his turn. Karlie of course iphone, you have to pay your dues first with a flip phone. He is enjoying his  phone a lot...he has some crazy horse whiney for his ringer/textmessage alert. He said it gets his attention...and I said and everyone else's within a 2 mile radius.
As the blog mentions, September is birthday central here in the Berry household. Two out of four kids have birthdays in September and only days apart. Zach turned 21 on the 13...this year his birthday fell on Friday the 13. We don't believe in the whole luck thing.
When ya have Jesus...who needs luck.

This momma couldn't let her boy turn 21 without a visit. So we made a whirlwind trip to Nashville to spend the day with him. We enjoyed a nice sunny yet cool autumn day checking out the sights  of Franklin Tennessee...can we move there? It was awesome.

Can't believe my boys are 21 and 12. 
happy birthday boys!
Mom and Dad love you.


  1. Happy Birthday! Sweet photos! We have that same phone...without the horse ringer.

    1. Thanks, Cheri. The horse ringer is the wildest thing I've ever heard. LOL


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