Thursday, September 18, 2014

lost in space

One of my favorite things to do is write/blog. SO why am I way behind on blog posts? Sometimes, life happens and blogs just wait. Since it's been awhile since I blogged, let me take a deep breath and just breathe. Here's some updates of life since I've been lost in space...lost in blog space that is.

1. We went on vacation! It was a quick few days but it was fun.
2. The kids have started their third year at Konos Academy/ a hybrid school for the homeschool minded.
3.  Zach was hired at a church as assistant worship pastor. He is loving it and doing the things he loves. He says he can see how God has orchestrated all the details and placed the puzzle pieces of his education and experiences into the place he now serves...
4. Zach just turned 22, and Shek just turned 13...time enjoy every minute of it. Karlie started her senior year, Shek started 7th grade and Jolie started Kindergarten....

God Is Good...all the time...everyday of the week, year...every second...God is good and He is at work.

While we were on vacation we had a local photographer of the area take our family photos. Although I can't take credit for these photos, I can direct you to the website of the photographer we used. If you are ever in the Panama City Beach area, you can call Randy at H5 photography and he will be happy to help.

We went to Mexico Beach for a couple of days. loved it...not so touristy there, but we did go up to Panama Beach for some Pineapple Willy's and some professional photos...and we loved the little boutique near in the old town area. 
Here's another one of the whole crew...

All my kiddos

I loved this one of Zach and Emily..I want to enlarge this one for Zach's office. 
Me and my sweets aka as Momma's favorite. Yes I have a fro in this photo...Just go with it...I have curly hair, it was the beach, there was wind and waves...and so my hair decided to have a little crazy wild fun... senior in high school...what?! what?!
The Shekster....

I have a lot more photos not yet downloaded from our trip, and lots from H5 photography too.
Lots of life going on around here. If I am not blogging daily, I am instagramming regularly so feel free to find me there.



  1. I'm glad you had a wonderful time! My son in law is from PC! Never been myself....

    1. You will have to go there. We actually stayed at Mexico beach which is very near PCB, it's a lot more quiet and has a home townish feeling, there's a beach entry near the air force base where there's lots of shells. It was a great adventure.


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