Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Just Married~25 years ago

On June 16th, 1990 at quarter past two o'clock in the afternoon (because quarter past looked fancier on the invitation than just plain ole two o'clock) on a hot summer day in Mississippi these two kids said
 I DO.

Twenty-five years later we still do....
We are posing by this hay bail in the neighboring yard because 25 years ago, on our wedding day, while I was at a bridesmaid luncheon, KB was on the tractor bush-hogging. He said riding the tractor provided stress relief?
I met this cool cat at college band camp my freshman year. I was 17 and he was 18. He was toting a marching tuba on his shoulders and I had been assigned to be the tuba squad leader? I played clarinet/and marched a saxophone, some may call that coincidence, or luck,  I just believe it was Jesus.
He was wearing a muscle shirt and those '80's cut off blue jean shorts with the pockets hanging out. He had hair on his chest and a five o clock shadow on his face at 8 o'clock in the morning....to me that was a sign that He was a real man! ;) 
I had always thought tuba guys were kinda slow, but he was this smart math engineer guy, who aced all his tests, and studied for the fun of it, the complete opposite of me. And my oldest son grew up to play a pretty mean tuba so I had the whole tuba stereotype thing wrong.
I'm glad I joined band back in the 7th grade. My original intent for joining band back then was to get out of P.E.....I didn't know then  being  a band nerd would one day introduce me to the MR. that would make me a Mrs. 

Time flies when you're having fun. I'm blessed to share my life with my "favorite". The kids always ask who momma's favorite is, and the answer is Dad.  We've  had a lot of adventures, several kids, lived in two towns, enjoyed several jobs, worshiped Jesus and served at a few local churches. We seek to enjoy life together with our kiddos.
Happy Anniversary, Karl.
 I love you.
Photo creds: to our daughter karlie. 

Join us in  the celebration of our 25th anniversary.
With a 24 day challenge.   and beyond.
It's a game changer.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! I love your description of him all those years ago. How funny!


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