Monday, September 21, 2015

Back in the day...

My six year old  who is full of questions quizzes me with questions like these: When you were a little girl did this or that happen. Some of my recent favorites are: "How old were you when Jesus died on the cross?" When she paints her nails, she looks at me and asks, "Was there nail polish back when  you were  a little girl?" And when you were little,"Were there cars back then?"
(My 6 year old with the inquiring mind)

I don't yet qualify for the senior discount....but I just couldn't wrap my mind around the idea that she actually thought Jesus and I were kids at the same time. None of my other children asked such questions referring to my antique-ness.
(all of our the kids)

My older daughter came up with the thought that maybe she thinks I grew up during Jesus' time because I often introduce myself as "I am Martha, like Martha in the Bible." I say this quirky introduction because I know I have an antique name, and I am trying to help people remember it and I like to try to be funny. Most of the time people hear it as Marsha, and well, I would just rather be called the right name rather than the wrong one so I go a little extra with it.

SO, knowing that little kids take things literally, maybe she hears, I am Martha, like in the maybe she thinks I am THE MARTHA in the BIBLE. Everyone knows THE Martha in the Bible is a personal friend with Jesus. Maybe that's where she gets the idea that Jesus and I grew up together. Good news is this Martha is a personal friend of Jesus but I am just not the Bible Martha.

So I am not old, yet. And the good news is age is just a number and I plan on acting on the youngish side, just pass me the red hair dye, my  supplements, and the wrinkle cream.


  1. Love it!!!! Much better to be Jesus's friend Martha than Martha Stewart!!! 😀

    1. Thanks so much! Yes it is awesome to be Jesus' friend. :)


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