Monday, February 24, 2014's a beautiful thing.

Three years ago, we traveled to China..and Jolie became family. I can't believe it's been three years. Seems like she's been here forever. Often when looking at old  family photos, she asks where she was, I say you were not born yet. So it seems she feels like she's been here forever too.'s a beautiful thing.
That first meeting...was a rather loud meeting...Jolie cried and screamed for a while....
Karl has a calming effect on babies...

By the next day she seemed to like's amazing what a little chocolate, chicken nuggets, and love will do.
The first complete family photo with all the kiddos...spring 2011
In three short years this little miss has developed a ham of a personality. She loves to make videos with my phone, she likes to pose and wear her sister's makeup and she'd rather have a new outfit and a tube of lipstick instead of toys. She loves to draw and color. she loves Jesus,  she loves her family, and loves to watch Jesus videos on the ipad. She loves going to church, and just yesterday, she woke up telling us of her happy dream she had about going to church.  AND she tells us that she needs another little sister, from China....


  1. Congrats to a wonderful 3 years together!

  2. Happy Gotcha Day!!! And I think Jolie is right, she does need a little sister from China<3
    (That's what my Little Miss has been saying for a while now, too, she wants a little sister from China:)

    1. Thanks Sennie...I wouldn't mind her to have a little sister from China...but God would have to move some pretty big mountains...but He can do that. LOL


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