Thursday, February 13, 2014

snow take 2

Snow, and ice has hit us again....twice in one winter...un. heard. of.

First, we were coated in ice. Pretty but wicked on the roads...
This morning, we noticed that it had started snowing on top of the ice,  when it really started coming down fast and in huge flakes we woke up the kids to see. Karlie said, "whatever" she was not interested...she's over this snow!
I love how the old barn and the grapevines out front look when draped in ice.
These two had fun playing in the snow this morning...
Shek likes to throw snow balls....and look cool
Jolie doesn't like buttons and she thinks that the eyes on this sock monkey hat are buttons...but today she needed a hat and decided it was okay to wear it.
snow ball fights...
The sun has started to shine...I know that melting has begun...we are ready for Spring...

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