Sunday, February 1, 2015

Traveling the city like tourists...

Today after church we decided to travel the city like tourists and to take lots of photos. Where's my sandals and tube socks? Wait it's winter and it was raining so my hubby drove  slow through the city streets as we all looked up at the tall buildings and  snapped photos from the comfort of the car.

We rode through the streets of Atlanta.  We laughed and carried on as I rolled my window down to snap photos at red lights. Sometimes Karl just paused slowly in the  middle of  the street if no one was behind us and I snapped photos with my phone as fast as I could.

The kids laughed as the rain and wind flew in my open window and back to their seats. We know that everyone near us thought we were tourists with me and my iphone hanging out the window. But if they read our tag and saw that we were locals, they might have assumed that we just didn't get out much. Truth is we see these streets all the time, and take for granted the sights we see.

But today I needed some photos...I've been taking an online smartphone photography class from one of my favorite photographers. Lizzyrose photography . Today started the month long daily photo challenge...I needed some photos and more specifically I needed a photo that screamed winter.

And this is what I got....

Winter In Atlanta~thank goodness it's just rainy and not the  snowmageddon of last winter...

This was taken with my iphone through the windshield because I liked seeing the raindrops. I edited it on my phone with the mextures app. and took the photo with camera+..... I have lots more photos of the city on my phone to play with and can't wait to see what  I actually have from our few minutes of traveling the city like tourists.

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  1. What a neat idea! Glad your kids enjoyed it.


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