Saturday, August 20, 2016

Peachtree Road Race

Back on July 4th we participated in the Peachtree Road Race. The largest 10k in the world, I think. It's a big deal. This is the 3rd one that I have had the privledge of participating in. It was also the absolute hottest one I have ever been in. It was EXTREMELY hot. People were dropping like flies. Do flies drop? Maybe people were dropping like was crazy. We stopped for a few minutes ourselves for a break, but we did finish and we have the Tee shirt to prove it.

 I wore my favorite Auburn shirt, even though I went to Mississippi State. Karl wore his Auburn Cap. Auburn peeps are the friendliest, we heard many War Eagle greetings through out the race. 
 Gam and Pop joined us. This was Pop's first road race and Gam's second one. 
 This was Karl's first peachtree as well.
 Shek's second!
 We finished and snapped a photo at the finsh line.Shek had left us in the dust and was waiting on us at park.
 I"m praying for cooler temps next year.
And the shirt was worth it..don't you think.

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