Friday, August 26, 2016

School in Session...well almost

IT's almost time for school to start. We start after labor day. Shek will attend Konos Academy one day a week. We will tackle his math and science at home. Jolie longs to go to Konos too, but she's not old enough. I can't take the kids to two co-op/hybrids so I will do ALL of her school here at home.

I've dusted off all my old Hands of a Child lapbook/unit studies as well as the Konos Curriculum and I have a plan for the whole year. This year we will be doing the American Girls unit study from Hands of a child, we will do a unit on bees, kings and queens, light from Konos as well as a Christmas and Thanksgiving unit study, I'll end the year with a Ocean Unit study, Blueberry sal and probably Bees with a trip to Strawberry patch which also has a bee hive.

We will also use rod and staff Math and Bible Readers.
Looking forward to getting started....after Labor Day

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