Thursday, September 8, 2016

Back to school

Today was our official day for back to school. Actually, we have been schooling for the past two weeks. Shek received his assignments at orientation two weeks ago so he has already been back to the grind. Since he was back at it, I started Jolie as well.

 He was headed to Konos this morning when I made him pose for this photo. He will attend Konos classes for instruction one day a week. We will follow up for the remainder of the week with a get r done work ethic before next  Wednesday.
 Jolie wanted her first day of 2nd grade photo taken in front of the horses that live next door. The horses are not ours but Jolie likes to have them in her photos.

This year we are trying to hit the park in the mornings for a 3 -5 mile walk or jog, I am out of O2Gold   which makes running easier so until I get my order of it in, the jogging will have to wait. . We plan to go at least 3 times a week maybe 4. It's important to get out in the fresh air and exercise.

 Shek may also start practicing tennis with his dad in the early morning hours too, so that the evenings can be devoted to math.
 Jolie is loving her new cursive handwriting book, and enjoying a unit study on the American girls. Right now, we are reading Kaya. She is also reading Rod and Staff Bible readers.  We are also studying the Prayer of Jabez for Children. She really wants to play the piano and/or violin, but her oldest brother needs to help her with that. lol On Thursdays, she goes to Gam's for art lessons and projects and I volunteer/doorhold at church, and sometimes I take one of the older kids with me. I think it's important to instill a love for serving, especially at church. We look forward to a fun-filled school year chock full of learning, growing and serving.

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