Monday, February 11, 2013's Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year just kind of crept up on me. Last year, we had the whole family over, made decorations, and even tried our hand at making some Chinese cuisine on our own. I even put the girl in her silks and snapped photos of her standing by our Chinese treasures, and a basket of oranges.

This year, I got started early, finding ideas on pinterest and hoping to do it up good this year. I even looked at the Atlanta chapter of families with Chinese children to see when their big celebration is....only to discover it's this coming weekend, when we will be out of town for  AdvoCare Success School.

BUT this year, the best we could do as for as celebrations go, was just stop by the Chinese restaurant after church. We were not near our favorite Chinese place, and just pulled into another one of the same name. WE assumed these restaurants might be affiliated with the same type good food, but we were deceived. I snapped a photo or two to commemorate the day even though the food was not as good as our favorite place.

Snapped at the restaurant...she was looking at the menu and telling us that she needed won ton soup. When the waitress arrived to take our orders she was not Chinese, but rather a young lady with no front teeth. This waitress immediately made an impression on my girl, who I secretly thinks wants to become a dentist. My girl is very fascinated with teeth, the mouth, lips, she even tries to floss our teeth. That's got to be a dentist in the making if you desire to floss other people's teeth...but I digress..I wonder if her fascination with the mouth is due to her own cleft palate issues.
Baby girl, immediately asks me and rather loudly,"What happened to the girl's teeth, momma?' Did she lose her teeth, they're gone!" I tried to shush her to no avail. I simply agreed with her and said yes they're gone. (referring to the teeth). When the waitress left with our drink orders, she continued to ask me about the missing teeth. I told Jolie,"Yes her two front teeth are gone, but we are not going to talk about it, because that could hurt her feelings?" and she didn't mention it anymore until we got to the car.
AND dad just said that's what happens when you don't brush your teeth, you get silvers or they fall out. Usually, at night when baby girl doesn't want to brush, we say ok, you're gonna get more silvers in your mouth, and she rushes to brush, now we have more ammunition. Silvers and no front teeth.

SO if you want to go to the Chinese place for lunch, and the waitress has no front teeth, don't take my daughter with you. She wants everyone to have pearly whites and no silvers. 
WATCH out She might bring you some FLOSS!

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