Thursday, February 28, 2013

Two years ago today...

Two years ago today, this baby girl was placed in our arms in China, just one year to the date of sending in our application.
 Karl and I still marvel to this day that we actually went to China. Prior to this adoption, we had never left the USA. We applied for our very first passports after age 40. We don't get out much?
Jolie has come a long way in two years. She has quite the little personality. Jolie has a passion for the Disney Princesses...and reminds us daily that she wants to go to Disney World tomorrow. She has been planning her wedding for when she grows up. She says she wants to wear a blue Cinderella dress. She still loves noodles even for breakfast. AND lipstick is another of her favorites, can you tell?
 I asked her how many kids she wants when she grows up. She says 5, but she wanted a boy, just like Daddy cause she loves him so.
 Just the other night at bedtime, we were reading the book Motherbridge of Love. It's a children's picture book about Chinese/international Adoption. She has been asking lots of questions lately, after noticing photos of her siblings' baby photos that were taken in the hospital. She's also recently discovered that some round bellies on mommies, means there's a baby inside.

 She asked if she had been in my tummy, when I told her no, she was born in China. She looked so sad.
 But I told her that GOD lead us to her, and we adopted her and we love her very very much.
And her dad echoed my words, and then she looked at us and grinned the happiest biggest grin I've ever seen on her face.

Photos from our first meeting...
For at first sight, for Jolie not so much...
She's always loved Daddy...
Shek announced he was no longer the baby.
By the next day, I think she decided I was a keeper.

Adoption means you grew in your mommy's heart instead of her tummy!
Born not from our flesh, but born in our hearts, you were longed for and wanted.
Not flesh of our flesh, Nor bone of our bone, but still miraculously my own!


  1. So beautiful. Isn't is amazing? LOVE!

    1. yes it's amazing, Lorene! So good to hear from you

  2. How absolutely precious!! Thank you for sharing these precious pictures with us.

  3. They most certainly are born of our hearts. Our soul children. She is absolutely precious!


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