Monday, March 25, 2013

The Swan House

I am not a native to Atlanta, so I am really unfamiliar with the local history. Karlie is studying the modern era at Konos Academy this year, and for the 1960's era, they are reading The Swan House by Elizabeth Musser. I noticed that it was about Buckhead, during the '60's. So I set out to read it too.

 Soon we realized that the history of the book was about real places just literally up the road from us. AND the book opened with the 1963 crash in Paris, where over 100 Atlantans were killed on this plane crash. We learned that this indeed was a fiction novel based on real Atlanta history. Also, it was about a girl finding faith in Jesus, so of course I was all into reading this book along with Karlie.

It has become one of my favorite books. Last Sunday, on our way back from Karlie's Pure Fashion Headshot session we talked daddy into taking the Buckhead exit and driving us by The Swan House.

 In the book, the main character, Mary Swan lives next door to the swan house. It even gives the address, and this is the house that the character in the book live in. I snagged a couple of quick photos as we passed it .
The character Mary Swan lived in a beautiful home.
Dad stopped the car and we snagged a few photos of The Swan House.
 Driving through the neighborhood, Karl said, "Nice neighborhood, I think I could live here." 

 We loved The Swan House.

We can't wait to go back....

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