Friday, March 29, 2013


Earlier this week, Jolie and I headed to her weekly speech appointment. Our appointment time is usually in the morning, but this one time it had been shifted to after lunch and I forgot to change the time in my phone calendar and we soon found ourselves two hours early to our appointment. There was no time to come home and go back, it would have been a waste of time, energy and GAS, so we just decided to go around the corner to Lifeway Christian Bookstore until time for her appointment. Jolie loves that store, and was soon rushing around looking at the Bibles, books, and toys. She had brought me many things asking for if she could get it "next time"...when she ran upon a huge panoramic photo of Jesus carrying the cross. It was a  bloody scene, one similar to the one here only larger,and right on my girl's eye level. It was quite bloody, graphic, and tramatic especially to my three year old.
She turned back to me from her side of the isle, and screamed astonishedly,  What did they do to Him? So standing across the isle, I said they put Jesus on the cross, He died for us. He died for all the bad things we have done. She peppered  me  with many questions as we made our way out of the store. As I buckeled her into her car seat, She asked,"Did God kill him?" I answeered "No, God sent His Son Jesus for us."  "Who killed him then?" I said, "The people did, but the good news is HE rose again...He came back to life three days later. AND when we believe in Him and place our trust in HIM, he becomes Savior and when we die we go to heaven  to live with Him there."

Later that night, when Dad got home, we told him of our experience at the store.

The conversation went like this," Dad I don't want to do that."
" Do what, Jolie?"
"I don't want to die on a cross."
"Jolie, you don't have to, Jesus has already done it for us."

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  1. OH. That made me cry this morning. Even so, it is good for her to know the true ugliness and beauty of it all.


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