Sunday, May 4, 2014

A new College graduate in the family.

This weekend the family headed up to Nashville to see Zach graduate. I can't believe he has finished college already...time surely flies. We are so proud of him, he graduated in 4 years and even graduate cum laude. 

Belmont is such a beautiful campus. A great place to take photos and enjoy just being outside.
We made it in time for the baccalaureate service, and took the opportunity to take a few photos with Zach in his cap and gown.
Zach and Emily
Zach with his friend since 6th grade. They met at a Homeschool Music Co-op. And have remained best of friends forever. Zach was excited that Spenser traveled to Belmont to  see him graduate.

The next day we were up early for the graduation. Doors opened at 830, we were there waiting and knew which row Zach would be sitting on so we sat across from his area.
The processional
Shek thought that long wooden thing looked like a large pepper shaker.
There's someone I know!
Pomp and Circumstance
There's someone I know.

The President gave the best commencement speech I have ever heard. He took song lyrics from various songs and strung them together to make an awesome speech. It was awesome.

She called out
Zach's entire name....and cum laude...

Karlie snagged this photo. Mine was blurry. 
Zach with the grands...
There were a lot of people to walk across the stage. So someone took a little nap. She did wake up in time to see Zach walk across the stage.

Zach with the grands
A photo of that very expensive piece of paper.
 Zach stands outside the tower with his brand new degree.

We are soooo proud of you Zach! 

We can't wait to see God's awesome plan continue to unfold for your life. 


  1. How wonderful!!! I'm sure you are all so proud of him.

    1. Thanks, Cheri, We are proud....I can't believe how fast time flies.


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