Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Spreading Christmas tacky Christmas sweater at a time...

Guess what? 
See the joy on those faces, especially on that momma's face? What can it mean? It means today is the last day of school until January. That means homework needs to be finished up today or tomorrow so we can enjoy the holidays.
Today was Christmas tacky sweater day in Karlie's class. If they were passing out awards for it, surely she would win a prize....
She is wearing the stocking sweater vest that I used to wear back before the rest of the world claimed all these sweaters were tacky. So I saved a few of my Christmas frocks for days like today. She is also wearing my Christmas candy ribbon earrings, a snowman pin, my nativity necklace and a santa hat...she is also wearing red moccasins that totally complete the look.
to think I used to leave the house like this on a regular basis not meaning to be tacky but instead festive just a few Decembers ago... 

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